‘Joker’ Actor Marc Maron Fires Back At Marvel Fans Who Didn’t Enjoy Being Called ‘Grown Male Nerdchilds’

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Stand-up comedian, GLOW star, and podcaster Marc Maron will soon appear in Todd Phillips’ Joker, an R-rated gritty, cerebral origin story starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime. If you’ve kept up with Maron’s history of negative remarks about comic book movies, this news would have come as a surprise. He hasn’t been much of a fan! Well, Maron was similarly startled to see himself sign on and later (while admitting to being “somewhat judgmental”) explained that Phillips’ vision was singular, and it was worth being called a “hypocrite” to act alongside Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix.

However, Maron made it clear last week while visiting Conan O’Brien that, just because he’s appearing in a Warner Bros. comic book movie, this doesn’t mean he’s gonna start watching Marvel movies. Yes, O’Brien sought Maron’s view on comic book movies, and then this happened:

“I have some issues with them, and no, I generally don’t like them, because, you know, I don’t want to be bullied into seeing those — look, Conan, I’m a grown–up! I’m not 7. And I think those movies are for, for, you know, grown male nerdchilds, and … [Boos from the audience] Oh, really? Take the hit! You guys are in charge of culture! Now I gotta, I gotta go travel 15, 20 minutes to a smaller movie theater to see a grown-up movie with other grown-ups where we can all sit together and not understand the ending? You know? That’s part of the experience. Where you walk out, you’re like, ‘I don’t know, did the guy die? It’s not clear. It’s not clear.’ That’s the kind of movie I enjoy. I’m not gonna be bullied by grown nerd-men. So, no.”

As one might expect, Maron really stirred up the hornet’s nest with those remarks. No one likes being called a “nerdchild,” so after plenty of heated comments directed his way, Maron decided to confront the matter. On Twitter, he called out Marvel fans, who he believes are “acting like outraged religious fanatics.” He insists that he likes comic art (not really the movies, though) and wants them “to relax your mainstream asses.”

Um, good luck, Marc Maron? (It’s okay, the guy knows what he’s doing.)

Here’s a clip of his Conan remarks if you missed them.

Joker will arrive in theaters on October 4, 2019.