The Joker Promises A Peek At His Toys In The International Spot For ‘Suicide Squad’

Suicide Squad won’t hit theaters for nearly nine more months, but that hasn’t stopped the hype train from picking up steam with every passing day. The most recent full-length trailer of the villainous fight-fest had fans screaming with glee at the “Bohemian Rhapsody” backed fun. Now, the first international teaser gives fans one of the best looks yet at Jared Leto’s version of The Joker. Fans are already aware that The Joker is a twisted psychopath who has insane morals and is as obsessed with the pageantry of violence as the violence itself. In the quick clip, which otherwise does not present much in the way of new footage, The Joker is ready to give whoever he is threatening a look at his “toys.”

Something tells us that this promise doesn’t have anything to do with the new Tonka Truck or Red Ryder BB gun he just got for Christmas either. Besides the one glimpse in a previous trailer of Leto surrounded by a ridiculous amount of knives laid out on the ground, there isn’t a ton of insight as to what these toys might be. A fully functioning atom bomb? The worst torture devices known to man? A Furby that won’t shut up after hours of talking and thus driving his victims mad? The possibilities are endless, and it’ll be up to the Squad to combat his crazy with toys of their own. After all, the only way to combat violent insanity is to fight it with even more violent insanity. Everybody knows that.

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