Weekend Box Office: ‘Winchester’ Fizzles During Sluggish Super Bowl Frame

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Super Bowl weekend is not typically a big weekend for moviegoing. In fact, the biggest Super Bowl opening weekend ever was Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert movie, followed by the 2010 Nicholas Sparks joint, Dear John. The list of films opening on Super Bowl weekend is littered with forgettable horror entries (When a Stranger Calls, The Uninvited) and bad romantic comedies (The Wedding Planner, Bed of Roses), although there has been the occasional break out (Taken, Chronicle, She’s All That).

There will be no break-outs this year, however, as the dreadful Helen Mirren horror flick, Winchester looks as though it will fall below double digits at the box office, good for only third place. Opening in 2,5000 theaters, Winchester racked up only $9.2 million for the weekend after critics decimated it (8 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). There’s a compelling true story underpinning the horror flick, but the Spierig Brothers (Jigsaw) fritter it away on a fairly generic horror entry that wastes the talents of Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, and Angus Sampson.

There was not a lot of excitement with the rest of the weekend box office, either. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle took back the number one slot, a position it has held four of the seven weeks of its release. With $11 million, it has now crossed $352 million domestic and $825 million worldwide. It should surpass Furious 7 on Monday as Dwayne Johnson’s biggest domestic hit ever.

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