‘Jumanji’ Fans Aren’t Happy There’s Going To Be A Remake Without Robin Williams

Released in December 1995, Jumanji was a huge hit, earning more than three times its budget to become the 10th highest-grossing movie of the year (right below Waterworld!). The theatrical adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s beloved book, about a magical board game that brings the jungle to a sleepy New Hampshire town, wasn’t critically adored, but, like every song, show, and movie released in the nostalgic 1990s, Jumanji is now regarded as a childhood classic.

The truth lies somewhere between.

The premise is fun; the action’s well-staged; there are monkeys (always a plus); and Robin Williams gives one of his more fantastical performances, as the grown-up version of a kid who got stuck inside Jumanji 26 years before Kirsten Dunst’s brother f*cks things up.

Yesterday, Sony announced that a Jumanji reboot will be released Dec. 25, 2016 (nothing else is known, including the screenwriter or cast, though it’ll probably be Eddie Murphy or Josh Gad). The response has been mixed at best, with many fans of the original film crying it’s “TOO SOON” after the death of Williams, who was no stranger to remakes.

I actually think a new Jumanji is good idea. Some of the mid-1990s special effects haven’t aged well, a whole new generation can be terrified of Van Pelt, and there’s a chance it becomes a Night at the Museum-sized hit, hopefully without the endless sequels. But not everyone agrees.



Wait until Disney makes a Genie movie without Robin (again). Oh, wait.