Chris Pratt Continues To Be Charming In A ‘Jurassic World’ Set Video

As we saw in a video earlier this week, Chris Pratt loved doing some of his own stunts on the Jurassic World set. The newest video diary released this morning picks up with Pratt preparing to do a motorcycle stunt: “It’s been nice working on this movie. Tell all my friends and family I love them.”

“As you can see, there’s mud on my pants,” he says, pointing out that sometimes the wardrobe department will add it, but in this case it was his own contribution. “This I actually added myself by eating sh*t on the motorcycle about 10 minutes ago.”

He explains, “Never let your confidence outgrow your skill,” sagely adding, “I should never have a motorcycle. If you ever see me in the tabloids driving a motorcycle, find me and kick me in the nuts.”

Then, because he’s basically Andy Dwyer, he looks into the camera and asks the Triumph people to give him a free motorcycle.

OK, maybe they’re not going after it with raptors on motorcycles, but we can dream.

(Via Universal Pictures UK and Jurassic Park)