Keanu Reeves Insists That ‘Bill And Ted’ Are Not Actually Stoners

It’s been almost 30 years since Keanu Reeves last played Theodore “Ted” Logan, who along with Alex Winter’s William S. “Bill” Preston, Esq., is one-half of cinema’s finest time-traveling dingbats, who return to screens this weekend with Bill & Ted Face the Music. But he knows his character inside and out. So, you’ll have to trust him when he corrects an assumption some people may have, namely: Bill and Ted don’t get high. At least not every day.

“Let me get one thing straight: Bill and Ted are not stoners,” Reeves told Associated Press while promoting the threequel. Instead, they’re just sweet — and, you know, kind of dumb. But they’re dumb in a good way. “Bill and Ted they have a nice outlook on life. They like people.”

Face the Music finds the pair once again surfing through time and timelines, in a race to write yet another song that will save humanity from doom. Over their journeys they run into old friends — among them William Sadler’s Grim Reaper, from Bogus Journey — and also different versions of themselves. Perhaps some of those will turn out to be stoners.

In another timeline, Face the Music would already be out, opening in movie theaters nationwide and playing to packed houses filled with viewers cackling in unison. Instead, it’s opening this Friday, and most people will watch it at home over PVOD. But you know, at least at home you can spark one up, even if that’s something Bill and Ted would never do.

(Via AP)