Kenneth Branagh Talks About ‘Thor’ And The Importance Of Chris Hemsworth’s Nipples

Kenneth Branagh — who’s been hinting since he directed Thor that he’d like to work with Marvel again — directed the new Cinderella, so he went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about Richard Madden messing with the Swarovski people, and he also talked about working with a not-yet-famous Judi Dench and a 15-year-old Christian Bale on Henry V.

But more relevant to our interests was his response when Seth Meyers asked him about Thor fans being harder to please than Cinderella fans.

“Well, they’re incredibly passionate, fantastically enthusiastic, but they do get very worked up about where Thor’s nipples might be on his suit or, indeed, if he has nipples. I mean, he has them. Believe me, he’s got them. He’s got them, and it’s our job to rearrange them.”

Meyers joked, “And that’s why you get in the business.” To which Branagh responded, “When they ask you, yeah, it’s the excitement, it’s the fame, it’s the parties, and — in my case — it was Chris Hemsworth’s nipples.”

I know he’s saying that in jest, but I’m going to accept it as home truth. Kenneth Branagh got into the business for Chris Hemsworth’s nipples. And business is good.