Kevin Smith Gets Emotional While Discussing How His Daughter ‘Saved Him’ From Bitterness

Things have changed for Kevin Smith since he exploded onto the scene with the all-time cult classic Clerks back in 1994. He’s done a lot of everything, from directing to writing to acting to comic book creating to revolutionizing the speaking circuit. And now, 22 years after he invaded our collective consciousness for the first time as Silent Bob, he’s back with a new movie called Yoga Hosers. And people pretty much hate it.

But that probably doesn’t matter to Smith since his daughter, Harley Quinn, is one of the stars. And boy is he a proud papa.

Smith did that interview for Yahoo Movies to coincide with the release of Yoga Hosers, but it wasn’t typical by any stretch. The interview was in fact conducted by Harley Quinn herself. Well, sort of — Harley asks her dad one question and he responds with a monologue only Silent Bob could give.

Anyway, Smith relays that it was during the making of his freaky horror film Tusk, in which Harley Quinn played her first speaking part on screen (as the same character she would eventually play in Yoga Hosers) that she became his “favorite performer of all time” because she was “the difference maker.”

Smith says it was then that he let go of “all that bitter sh*t that I held on to for so long, the me vs. them and the chip on the shoulder.” His relationship with critics, once glowingly positive, had become adversarial thanks to a string of not awesome work that reached a nadir with the Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan disaster Cop Out. When he got home from shooting that scene featuring Harley Quinn and her friend Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Tusk co-star Johnny), his wife Jennifer asked him how it went. His response?

“I think my daughter saved me today.”

It’s touching stuff and serves as a reminder that even when Smith was at his most excessive, his most self-indulgent, there was always a very genuine sentimentality and good-heartedness to his work. He winds up having a good cry with his daughter and you might just find the place in which you watch the exchange getting a little dusty too.

(via Yahoo!)