‘Kingsman’ Star Sofia Boutella Will Have A Lead Role In ‘Star Trek 3’

Jameson Empire Awards 2015
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Sofia Boutella, one of the breakout stars of Kingsman: The Secret Service, landed a lead role in the third Star Trek film. But will she be a villain or one of our heroes? Will any of her limbs be weapons again? (Probably not, but imagine if she had phasers for legs!)

Last we heard, Idris Elba was or wasn’t playing a Klingon and Bryan Cranston was rumored to be in talks. I’ll let that sink in for a little while because it’s almost too good to be true or fake. But the same batch of news also revealed three new roles for women that sound absolutely fantastic. No character names have been mentioned, but they’re rumored to be a captain of another Federation ship who is being set up as Captain Kirk’s match, the President of the United Federation of Planets (a role that has never been played by a woman in the Star Trek universe), and the ex-wife of Dr. “Bones” McCoy.

Source: Deadline