The Bodypaint Artist Who Brought Us Lady Deadpool Has A Whole Superhero Squad

The above image of a bodypainted version of Poison Ivy highlights the vast combined talents of both designer Kay Pike Fashion and her artist partner, LustreDust. We first brought your attentions to their works with a video-timelapse report, but their newly viral Instagram accounts are remarkable. Superheroes, antiheroes, and supervillains all receive the bodypaint treatment, and the results are stunning. Click the images, and they’ll come to life as video clips. You’ll see.

LustreDust, whose real name is Lianne Moseley, executes much of the bodypainting honors in this team. Many of the still photos look cartoonish and, quite frankly, unreal. This is a testament to this duo’s talents, for these works could have been ripped straight from a graphic novel. Hence the all-important motion footage uploaded to Instagram as well. This Bizarro-Girl job is an example that springs forth from months of bodypaint practice.

Never fear, the occasional male character appears too. Dare we say that this Daredevil looks even better than the Netflix version of the character?

This Dark Phoenix job is another remarkable bodypaint example.

Sexy Robin does the bat dance here. Don’t even try to resist.

Those who are into alien supervillains will enjoy this Nebula job.

This Two-Face rendition looks horrifying, which is precisely the point.

The obligatory Spider-Man bodypaint job is so much more interesting than Peter Parker himself.

Doctor Doom bodypaint keep the alluring weirdness coming hard and fast.

We’re almost to the best part, but first, some Star Wars love arrives in the form of a less annoying C-3PO, who is called C3P-Whoa here.

Finally, let’s relive the magic of Lady Deadpool in the famous fireplace pose. We can’t wait to see what these artists do next.