Netflix Seemed To Troll Elon Musk By Posting A ‘Leave The World Behind’ Clip Where Killer Teslas Are Out To Get Julia Roberts

Elon Musk may have seriously screwed up Twitter, but let’s not forget about his other businesses. Take Tesla. The thin-skinned, advertiser-hating businessman has long been obsessed with creating self-driving cars, and he hasn’t let constant failures convince him otherwise. Now he’s even inspired a terrifying scene in a horror movie.

Per Mediaite, on Friday Netflix took to Twitter/X to post a clip from Leave the World Behind, their new, Barack Obama-approved apocalyptic thriller with Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali. The clip finds Roberts’ character walking amongst a sea of white Teslas that have piled up on a country road. When she notices a placard attached to one of them bearing the words “Full Self-Driving Capacity,” ominous music pounds on the soundtrack…followed by one self-driving Tesla after another speeds her way.

That this was posted on the once-thriving social media service made it all the richer.

The latest from Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail, Leave the World Behind depicts what happens when technology goes haywire, with everything from wi-fi to phones to cities falling apart. It’s unclear from the clip what exactly has caused the Teslas to run amok, it’s yet another reminder that letting cars control themselves might not be such a hot idea.

Leave the World Behind now streams on Netflix.

(Via Mediaite)