Listen To Marlon Brando Verbally Destroy Burt Reynolds On The Set Of ‘Apocalypse Now’

If you know anything about the making of Boogie Nights, you’d know it’s common knowledge that Burt Reynolds is not the easiest guy to work with in Hollywood. Burt’s b-day is this week, and we here at UPROXX were digging through our stash of Reynolds related stuff when I happened to come across this Youtube with audio of Marlon Brando decimating the mustachioed one.

Now, it must also be said that Brando was not easy to work with either. In Sidney Lumet’s Making Movies, Lumet recalled how Brando would “test” directors by asking them to make a series of stylistic choices, and if they chose “wrong,” Brando wouldn’t put his full effort into the production. That’s a pretty rotten thing to do. But, as they say, “Takes one to know one.”

Listen in the above video how Brando proclaims that Burt makes him “want to vomit,” how he “hates him,” and an anecdote that perfectly sums up Brando’s fuel for disdain. The audio’s been out there for a while, but it’s possible you haven’t heard it.