Did You Notice These ‘Logan’ Easter Eggs And Cameos?

The video above contains spoilers for Logan. The text below will not.

Logan had a huge debut this weekend, grossing far more than most R-rated movies and possibly setting a new record for March releases. Boyd Holbrook (who plays Donald Pierce) is willing to bet it will outgross the hugely-successful Deadpool. Even if it doesn’t, this “gritty superhero movie you’ve been waiting for” is yet more evidence that there is an audience for R-rated superhero movies.

Now Mr. Sunday Movies — who often does trailer breakdowns — has made a spoiler-filled roundup of Logan‘s Easter eggs, references, and cameos linked to the comics, the other films, and character histories. He also tries to make sense of Logan‘s convoluted timeline and how it may fit with the other X-Men movies. Although would it really be an X-Men movie if the timeline made total sense?

The intro to the video hits on what made it so successful. Realism. “Logan isn’t considered your typical comic book movie. Sure, it’s got a guy that’s well over a hundred years old with unbreakable metal blades that come out of his hands, plus a mind-reading old British man and people with robot limbs and a bunch of kids with special and improbable abilities, but, still, this is the realest thing you’ll ever see in your life.”

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies)