Making Michael Bay Proud: A Supercut Of Movie Explosions

There is something very cathartic about watching things you didn’t have to pay for explode. Trust me, when you paid for them, it’s not nearly as much fun. But when it is mindless explosion porn in an action movie, it can really distract you from the tedium of daily life. Cats like being distracted by shiny things, and we like being distracted by explodey things. It really helps relieve built up tension.

Need proof of this?

Look no further than this explosion supercut the fine folks at ScreenJunkies put together for our viewing pleasure. There are so many booms, you would think you were in the chorus of a terrible Black Eyed Peas song.

See, don’t you feel better now? We call that “explosion therapy” and it’s officially a thing now. You’re welcome.

Via LaughingSquid