Mariah Carey And Brett Ratner Were Just Spotted Canoodling On A Boat

Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner go way back — at least in a professional sense. The director was behind some of the pop singer’s most popular videos, including “We Belong Together“, “I Still Believe“, and “Heartbreaker“. However, it appears they’ve recently become more than just colleagues — a change no doubt facilitated by Carey and Nick Cannon’s split last year.

Despite publicly denying a relationship just days ago, a new photo of the two canoodling on a boat in St. Barts pretty much spells things out:

Yes, Ratner looks like he just escaped a season of Survivor and is knee-deep in some kind of love-struck stupor (or drunk — same thing). But they are together. Messily together. Weirdly together. To-ge-ther. Per TMZ:

This pic was taken Saturday on a yacht in St. Barts. Sources — let’s just say close to the boat — say they’re all over each other. She’s totally into him and he is nuts for her.

Ratner recently said he and Mariah were just really good friends, calling rumors of romance “ridiculous.” Well now that’s just ridiculous, because they’re in full romance mode. We’re told she’s over Nick and moved on.

Here’s to hoping they’re at least having a good time, paparazzi notwithstanding.

[Via TMZ]