Marvel Officially Confirms A Title Change For The Next Two ‘Avengers’ Films

When Mike Ryan spoke with the Russo Brothers about Avengers: Infinity War Part I And II, the pair revealed that the films would be getting a title change in the near future. Now Disney has officially confirmed as much, tearing the Infinity War moniker away from the latter film and leaving the third Avengers film standing solely as Infinity War.

The Russos noted at the time that the titles were “misleading” and that each will be “very different movies” once they hit theaters. What this means at the end of it all doesn’t say much since every Marvel movie since Iron Man has left viewers hanging until the next entry. Age of Ultron certainly did a lot of heavy lifting for all of the current Marvel films we’re seeing currently, from Civil War to Thor: Ragnarok, so dropping the Part I and Part II from the films might not mean much in the long run. It could still be the same Marvel experience.

The title is the only change for the films, with the latter now going Untitled despite still being slated for the 2019 release date. Luckily, as the Russos put out in that initial interview, the latter will get a proper title sooner rather than later.

(Via Variety / The Hollywood Reporter)