Marvel’s Kevin Feige Congratulated ‘Jurassic World’ With An Illustration Of Chris Pratt Riding A T-Rex

Just in case you were wondering how Kevin Feige et al. felt about how utterly amazing Jurassic World‘s opening weekend was, check out the above artwork from Marvel.

The Avengers have seen a lot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady holding a rifle while riding atop a Mjolnir-wielding Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the winner. It’s a great illustration, and a nice professional gesture from Feige & Friends.

However, the most important thing about this amazing illustration has nothing to do with the obvious man-riding-dinosaur centerpiece. No, no, no, no, no. For your viewing pleasure, I present #SadHulk:

Aside from his homicidal rage against all who would feign greater strength, what’s the Hulk thinking about? What’s he pondering, while his teammates look on in awe of the sight before them? Meh, who gives a damn about a puny human riding an even punier, formerly extinct creature. WHY HULK SO SAD?

(Via Kevin Feige)