Trey Parker And Matt Stone Have ‘F*cking Killer Ideas’ For Future Non-‘South Park’ Movies

Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven’t made a movie together since 2004’s f*ck-yeah satire Team America: World Police. In the 15 years since, they’ve been preoccupied with South Park — which enters season 23 (!) on September 25 — and The Book of Mormon and multiple video games, including South Park: The Fractured but Whole. But they haven’t given up on the idea of making another movie, as long as it’s not a South Park movie.

The Cannibal! The Musical and BASEketball filmmakers told the Hollywood Reporter that they have some “really f*cking killer ideas” for movies, and as Stone said, “We think of ourselves as filmmakers and it’s like, everyone is doing TV now. It’s like, movies, even though the movie business is all fucked up. And everyone will tell you don’t go into movies. We just want to do a movie.” None of the “ideas” involve South Park, nor streaming services. “Theoretically, I would like it to be in theaters so people have to watch it together,” Stone said, while Parker added, “And we really like premiere parties.”

You can understand why Parker and Stone don’t want to make another South Park movie (for now, at least). South Park is their day job — that would be like working at Casa Bonita in the morning (as a cliff diver), leaving, then coming back to Casa Bonita for another shift in the evening. And repeat for months. Also, South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut is a masterpiece and will be tough to top.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)