Miles Teller Is Highly Offended At Esquire For Calling Him A ‘D*ck’

"Fantastic Four" New York Premiere
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On Wednesday afternoon, Esquire magazine dropped a highly unflattering profile of Miles Teller. The journo portrayed him as the most egotistical young actor working in Hollywood today. Perhaps that summarization is accurate. Teller is, after all, of the opinion that the Fantastic Four remake is high art. He also discounted J.K. Simmons’ substantial career when they promoted Whiplash together.

However, Esquire may have overdone it by calling the guy a “d*ck” seven times throughout the course of the article. The guy’s actions and words can speak for themselves. Teller seldom has a problem digging his own hole any time he discusses his work.

Teller is pretty darn upset that Esquire called him a “d*ck.” He tweeted about how the magazine completely “misrepresented” him:

To be fair to Teller, Esquire‘s profiles haven’t been kind to male celebrities over the past few years. They made Michael Keaton seem like an obsessive weirdo because he was courteous enough to follow up on the phone; they characterized Matthew McConaughey as a tool for offering up overnight hospitality; and they made Bradley Cooper look like a paranoid lothario not wanting the paparazzi to believe he was dating the female journo.

Miles Teller may be a “d*ck,” but a little subtlety wouldn’t hurt.

(via Miles Teller on Twitter)