A Toddler Tried To Bring A ‘Minions’ Fart Blaster Toy Gun On A Plane

Dublin airport security ruined a genius toddler’s fun by confiscating a toy gun he or she tried to bring aboard an airplane. It wasn’t just any ordinary toy gun that he was smuggling though, but a “Minion fart blaster,” a plastic air gun-like contraption painted a nice light blue color which apparently emits fart noises, followed by a banana-like scent.

On the one hand, this toy sounds like the best thing ever for kids (and adults) to amuse themselves with. On the other hand, imagine if this kid were actually allowed to play with this thing the whole flight? Yikes.

An airport spokesperson told the Irish website The Daily Edge that they prohibit any kind of replica gun from being brought on board an airplane, even a gun as obviously joke-y as this one. Maybe it’s an official airport policy to prevent passengers from annoying the crap out of everyone else, especially with the cute, yellow scourge that is Minions.

This is actually the second terrifying minion-related incident to occur in Ireland this summer. Earlier in August, a giant runaway minion balloon escaped, and quickly deflated onto a road where it proceeded to block traffic. This incident also occurred in Dublin, leading us to ask what this good city did to deserve this.

(via Mashable)