Cameron Crowe’s Cameo And Other Fascinating Facts About ‘Minority Report’

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While it is often pushed aside by showier fare, Minority Report is one of the great sci-fi films in recent memory. Featuring Tom Cruise at his Tom Cruise-iest, Minority Report is one of the better adaptations of Phillip K. Dick’s literary work. Sure, it’s very, very loosely based on a short story of the same name, but the film is an effective and exciting bit of science fiction. Set in 2054, crimes are now being stopped before there is even a chance to commit them, thanks to mutants called precogs who can see visions of the future. Tom Cruise stars as Captain John Anderton, the tortured and hard pressed leader of the new law enforcement group, PreCrime, and is framed for a crime that he didn’t (and will not) commit. On the run with one of the precogs, Agatha (played by the under-appreciated Samantha Morton), Anderton is on a mission to clear his name and expose the corruption inherent in the system.

Thanks to the film’s enduring and interesting subject matter, Fox has developed a television series (which premieres tonight) based on the concept. In order to prepare for the new show or to just get a greater appreciation of this beloved film, check out these interesting bits of trivia about the behind-the-scenes and development of the film.

It was almost a Total Recall sequel.

After the camptastic 1990 version of Total Recall (another Dick short story) was a hit, the studio wanted to get a sequel off the ground quickly. It would have followed Schwarzenegger’s Quaid working with the mutant precogs, and it probably would have been awesome. However, the production company, Carolco, went out of business and 20th Century Fox bought the rights. They scrapped the sequel idea, and the project was stuck in development hell for a decade before Steven Spielberg rescued it. Colin Farrell, who was the villain in Minority Report, did go on to star in a reboot of Total Recall in 2012.

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