Morgan Freeman Is Shaken, But Safe Following A Forced Landing On His Private Plane

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While on the way to Texas on a National Geographic photoshoot for the series The Story of God, Morgan Freeman’s private jet was forced to make a quick landing while taking off in Mississippi. A tire mishap that led to other problems with the landing gear and the plane ended up skidding off the side of the runway. No one was injured in the reported “crash” and Freeman released a statement soon after according to Yahoo:

“Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on takeoff, which caused other problems,” Freeman said in the statement sent by his publicist. “But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson we landed safely without a scratch.”

“I cannot say the same about my plane,” Freeman added in the statement, which didn’t elaborate on the condition of the aircraft afterward. “I appreciate the concern and prayers for our safety.”

According to Yahoo, the plane in question was a Emivest SJ-30 aircraft and it reported mechanical problems shortly after taking off from Fletcher Field in Lyon, Mississippi, diverting to Tunica Municipal Airport shortly after. Officials said they would survey the plane Sunday and Freeman had not been piloting the plane.

(Via Deadline / Yahoo News)