Oreo Churros Are Coming For All Your Movie Theater Snacking Needs This Summer

05.02.15 4 years ago

Movie theaters are about start selling Oreo Churros this summer because fried Oreo sticks covered in sugar is exactly what this country needs.

Real Oreo cookies will be used in the churros according to The Hollywood Reporter, which will be available as a 10-inch stick, a 7-inch twist, or 2-inch “bite-sized bits.” And all varieties will come with a 2-oz. cup of creamy dipping sauce in case a fried cookie covered in sugar wasn’t sweet enough.

For people who are looking to eat healthier at the concessions stand, there is no reason to worry. Theaters might be rolling out foot-long beef hot dogs, five new varieties of nacho cheese sauce, and Cheetos flavored pop corn, but just as much time and creativity is being put into making delicious alternatives.

Their big healthy plan? Rice cakes. That’s right, rice cakes:

Timkev International’s all-natural, multigrain cakes can be made in-house (and dipped in cheese, chili or other unhealthy toppings).

Rice cakes? Plain multigrain rice cakes? Who is going to a movie theater and buying rice cakes? If anyone is paying concession stand prices, it won’t be for multigrain rice cakes.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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