The Nation’s Movie Theaters Are Expected To Be 90% Open By The Time ‘Tenet’ Is Due

It’s been nearly three months since the majority of the nation’s movie theaters closed, and there remains a lot of unsurety and anxiety about when and how they’ll re-open when they do. On Wednesday Cinemark, one of the country’s top chains, set a plan for opening back up with social distance tactics…that does not make moviegoers wearing masks a requirement. But one group is pretty cocksure: As per Business Insider, one major group is predicting that by mid-July, 90% of the nation’s movie theaters will be open.

That group is the National Association of Theatre Owners, which represents movie theaters across the country, so they know better than most what they’re talking about. And by the way, that date is when a certain movie is still scheduled to open: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which throughout the quarantine has held onto its July 17 release date, even as the majority of fellow blockbusters have rescheduled for later in the year, or even next year.

Will this happen? Possibly! Many of the cities hardest-hit, including New York City, are planning to begin the first phase of re-opening as new cases and deaths continue to lower in number. Of course, it remains to be seen if there will be a resurgence following the number of protests that have cropped up around the nation. And there is still that threatened second wave of Covid cases that many officials have predicted. But at the very least we may have a brief chance to sit in comfy chairs in darkened rooms, having our brains rewired by the latest Nolan mindbender.

(Via Business Insider)