‘Neuromancer’ Will Supposedly Be Adapted By The Chinese, Now

05.22.15 4 years ago 6 Comments


Neuromancer is a superb book, but after 30 years of people trying, and failing, to turn it into a movie, you’d think people would let this one go. Nope! The Chinese are now trying to push this rock up a hill!

First Showing reports that C2M Media Group will be “co-developing and co-financing” an adaptation of William Gibson’s book, while actually getting it into theaters will be the job of GFM Films. Vincenzo Natali is apparently out as director, and they’ll be completely rewriting the script and bringing in a new director.

Will the Chinese pull it off? The funding and “co-development” is coming from a company with two films to its name, both cheap romantic comedies, so that would point to “no.” But at least producer Lucas Foster knows his way around large productions. Who knows, it might actually come together this time… or more likely disappear for another three years before turning up again in someone else’s hands. Hopefully William Gibson is at least getting a house out of this.

(Via First Showing)

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