New Rumors Say This Is The Description Of The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Opening

The latest chapter in the Star Wars saga may still be nine months away, but that hasn’t stopped the news train from doing everything it can to get as much info as possible about The Force Awakens. Recently, J.J. Abrams went on record in saying that not all the rumors going around are false, so of course that makes us wonder if this new description of the film’s opening is in fact one of the real ones:

The film does open with a lightsaber in space. It falls to the ground in a savannah environment during the day. It is quickly discovered by a farmer named Naka. Naka accidentally ignites the weapon and starts a fire with it. At first he runs, but then turns around and obtains the weapon. I assume he snatches the weapon so it is not destroyed in the fire. Naka then takes the weapon to his elder called The Vicar. (via Making Star Wars)

In addition to the above, the description goes on to include a village battle and the theft of a TIE fighter. However, while it’d be nice to know this is the truth, it will remain a rumor until the movie comes out and everyone can experience the opening for themselves. But, if this is the first act, it’s certainly one that’s going to get people interested in what’s to come.

Via Making Star Wars