Watch This News Crew Get Distracted By The Incredible Hulk In Someone’s Backyard

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08.25.14 8 Comments

There was some serious flooding in the Illinois area recently, and far be it from us to make light of the situation. We hope everyone in the area is OK and there’s a minimum of damage. That said, discovering this dude has a Hulk statue in his yard is pretty much utterly hilarious.

WGN’s news team, in the middle of a more serious report, found itself completely distracted by the Hulk statue in somebody’s backyard that the helicopter happened to be hovering near. Even better is what the homeowner, seeing his house and beloved statue on the news, promptly did:

Yeah, we have to admit, we’d probably do Hulk stance for the news ourselves. That said, we hope they follow up. We want to know how that guy got that statue, which is almost certainly a promotional item, and how it wound up in his backyard.

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