Nicolas Cage Has An Unexpected Choice For Which Of His Movies He’d Like To Have A Sequel

Nic Cage isn’t really a “sequel” person per se, and maybe that’s just because he is still living with the consequences of agreeing to star in Ghost Rider 2: Spirit Of Vengeance, or maybe it’s just because he is sick of hearing jokes about stealing the declaration of independence. No matter the reason, Cage hasn’t done a sequel in years, and he doesn’t really want to. Maybe it’s because he’s Goth.

Cage recently spoke to Collider while promoting his new movie Renfield, where he plays a little-known vampire named Dracula. While he was open to the idea of returning as Draculas in the future, he says he tends to stay away from past roles. “Every time I do a movie and create a character, I’ve got to get them off of me,” the actor admitted. “It’s not healthy for me to have too many of these psychotics running around in my head.” Speaking of psychotics, have you watched Color Out Of Space recently?

Even though Cage doesn’t seek out sequels, he does have a few ideas in mind. The actor has already expressed interest in a Face/Off sequel, and now he is even open to growing out his hair for another Con Air adventure. “I think that there’s plenty of room for a Face/Off sequel. I think Con Air lends itself to a sequel,” he said, adding that he was interested in a sequel to The Rock before Sean Connery passed away in 2020.

In Con Air, Cage plays a former Army ranger who has to stop a prison break aboard a plane. Hey, it’s better than a plane full of snakes. He didn’t go into details about what a sequel would entail, but hopefully, Steve Buscemi would be open to returning in some capacity.

The actor then admitted that he tries not to think too much about sequels. “I think those two would work. I haven’t really thought too much about sequels, I really haven’t. I like trying to bring something new each time in the storytelling aspect…but I think that’s what many young people want.”

What young people really want is another Pedro Pascal/Nic Cage buddy comedy. It would go even more viral now. Throw Paul Mescal in there and you’ve got a TikTok-approved hit.

(Via Collider)