North Korea Warns South Korean Activists Not To Airdrop DVDs Of ‘The Interview’

Almost three months ago, Sony’s will-they-or-won’t-they conundrum regarding the release of The Interview included one little tidbit: North Koreans’ alleged desire to see the film. There were even calls from South Korean and American activists to bombard Pyongyang with airdropped DVDs of the film. Turns out there’s some truth to this, and North Korea’s military leaders are threatening to blow it all out of the sky:

Activists plan to launch copies of the film — a comedy about a fictional CIA plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un — as well as 500,000 propaganda leaflets across the border on or around March 26.

Pyongyang has long condemned such balloon launches and threatened retaliation, and local residents have complained the activists are putting their lives at risk by making them potential targets.

“All the firepower strike means of the frontline units of the (Korean People’s Army) will launch without prior warning… to blow up balloons,” the North’s frontline military units said in a notice to the South. (Via Business Insider)

In addition, the North’s memo to the South claimed the attempted airdrop would constitute “a de facto declaration of a war.”

This begs the question, “Have they actually seen this movie?” It’s kind of a load of crap, minus Randall Park. The obvious answer is no: “We’ll never cower to propaganda! (When the leader is watching.)” Maybe they should include copies of Vince’s review for additional context.

(Via Business Insider)