‘Obsessed:’ How Genre-Bending Horror Like ‘Lovecraft Country’ And ‘Bad Hair’ Are Killing The Game

Horror, as a genre, is killing the game. From Get Out to Us, Ready or Not, Midsommar, It Follows, and more, horror is finding new audiences in increasingly inventive ways, and it’s pairing those expected chills and thrills with incredibly important storytelling.

That’s why Obsessed hosts and resident cultural gurus Britt Ellis and Taylour Chanel are letting us into their personal nightmare landscapes to talk about all of the terrifying movies and TV shows they can’t get enough of… just in case you need a bit of help getting into the Halloween spirit. But don’t expect many Freddy Krueger recs or slasher binge-guides. No, horror movies are operating on a different level these days, taking timely events and real-world issues and putting them under a hair-raising lens.

For Britt, Midsommar’s the perfect example of that — a relationship drama that drops in just enough occult weirdness to creep you out. For Taylour, it’s films like Sorry To Bother You, thrillers that mask their true monsters until we’ve let our guard down. And after both women trade their must-watch horror favorites they sit down with Dear White People star Elle Lorraine to talk about her upcoming satirical horror saga, Bad Hair, coming to Hulu on October 23rd.

Whether it’s the genre-bending work of a show like Lovecraft Country that shines a harsh spotlight on the real monsters and horrors of history along with magic, mysticism, and impactful horror tropes, or the aforementioned Bad Hair, which takes an everyday ritual like getting a weave and turns the cringe-level up a notch (or 50), it’s never been a better time to be a horror fan.

Check out the video above for more.