Olivia Munn Shows Just How Tight And Revealing Her ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Costume Really Is

It was way back during Comic-Con that Olivia Munn joined the rest of the X-Men: Apocalypse cast on Conan and mentioned just how much lube was needed to get her into that Psylocke costume on the set. We’ve seen bits and pieces of it up till now, but Munn’s latest share on Instagram really gives your best look yet at just how skin tight this thing truly is.

She could also just be sharing for a bit of attention / promotion for the film, but only she knows for sure. It’s certainly a true to the source costume, though, and it fits what other shots we’ve seen from the character.

Now the real interesting bit would be seeing how long it took Oscar Isaac to get into his Apocalypse costume. If they had to use gallons butter and baby oil to slip Oliva Munn into this outfit, one can only image what they have to use to get Isaac into the monstrosity he has to wear in the film. Not to mention they allegedly binded James McAvoy’s legs together for when he plays Professor X. These movies are hell.

The final product looks good, though. A lot better than the initial Entertainment Weekly cover hinted at.

(Via Olivia Munn)