Olivia Munn Shared A Look At Psylocke Behind The Scenes Of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

To close out the year, Olivia Munn filled her Instagram with her top five favorite moments. This includes things like hanging with friends, her famous boyfriend’s accomplishments, and her role as a deadly mutant with psychic blades. Her behind the scenes look at Psylocke is one of the few times we’ve seen her character in full costume — including a very prominent place on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s how Munn described the character with the photograph:

She’s a telekinetic telepath who chooses to kill with a sword because she wants to do it up close and intimate because killing from afar just seems too easy and no fun.

Munn has shared plenty from her time making the film and training for the role. This includes a little bit of sword play, some wire work, and even some fancy kicking.

Drop kick it like it's…

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But the real training comes when you’re all alone and you need that extra focus to delve deep in your mind. Understanding is at the bottom of a bag.


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Also enjoy how one of the best moments of the season comes on a lucky play that should’ve never happened. Quit making a mockery of the game, Detroit!

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