Olivia Wilde Is Pissed Off And Possessed In The Trailer For ‘The Lazarus Effect’

If you’re going to be brutally murdered by a doctor that has returned from the dead and brought some sort of evil demon power back with her, you could choose a worse assailant than Olivia Wilde. The Lazarus Effect tells the story of a team of medical students, led by The League’s Mark Duplass, that accidentally kills one of its members when working on a project that maps the human brain. And while you could probably draw some comparisons to Flatliners, what with the whole attractive team of medical students playing God aspect of the story, it’s totally not like that, because instead of being attacked by demons from their own pasts, the students are instead just hunted and murdered by Wilde’s possessed character.

The Lazarus Effect opens February 27 and co-stars Sarah Bolger, Evan Peters and Donald Glover, whose character probably dies first. Call it a hunch.

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