Jimmy Kimmel Gave Us An Extremely Harsh Mean Tweets For The Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Mean Tweets segment have become something of legend in recent years. Kimmel’s provided a sad platform for celebrities to share the abuse they have coming at them on Twitter daily. Celebrities as diverse as Houston Texans All Pro J.J. Watt, to George Clooney, Seth Rogan and even Barack Obama (a Trump segment would be the most surreal ever) have all shared the mean tweets sent to them by anonymous eggs masquerading as experts in their given field on social media. Tonight at the Oscars, a very special, and extremely harsh edition of Mean Tweets gave us the perfect bone structure and kind eyes of Ryan Gosling and the “cracked-out” Emma Stone.

Really, how do you come back from this?

Or this…

Or this?

But then we remember that these artists are at the top of their game, in the company of the finest Hollywood has to offer, and shouldn’t be bothered by what the Twitterverse has to say about them. Tonight, it’s all about that gold statue. And even if Jimmy Kimmel decided to force the Twitter machine in front of them for a few nasty moments, we all know that these damn Hollywood Elites aren’t going to remember these digs come morning.