Owen Wilson Seems To Also Enjoy Whispering In Movies According To This Very Quiet Supercut

10.10.15 3 years ago

So we’ve seen that Owen Wilson says “wow” a lot in all of his movie roles (except Behind Enemy Lines, as noted by one eagle-eyed commenter). We also got a chance to see how much Wilson likes to repeat other phrases throughout his roles (also proving that Ed Norton’s impersonation from SNL was spot on). Now we get the third clip in the trilogy, bringing things down a few decibels to get serious about whispering.

That’s right, Wilson likely whispers in all of his movies just as much as he repeats himself. He even whispers some of those famous lines and “wows” that we’ve heard so much about before, making it clear that Owen Wilson has only a few moves in his repertoire, but he uses them well.

There is the issue of whispering Owen Wilson being a bit rude, especially when it comes to him keeping other people quiet. It is not cool to shush people, man. Not even at the movies. If you want somebody to be quiet, you do it the way God above intended: silently walking to the lobby and complaining to somebody about all the noise, then going to the bathroom until they’re ushered out of the theater.

It might force you to miss most of the film, but it’ll be worth it not to get beaten mercilessly by some loud guy. Or worse, stabbed by a local street tough.

(Via Owenergy Studios)

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