Beloved Bear And Cultural Icon Paddington Is Getting His Very Own Musical

Most movies don’t need a musical adaptation. In fact, it’s generally frowned upon. Much like musical episodes of TV, most of the time they don’t work. Nobody wants them, and nobody asks for them, but they always appear and attract the wildest crowds. This isn’t the case for Paddington, who is perfect. He is the only bear who deserves a musical adaptation, and he is going to get it. Sorry to Winnie, but he’s kinda old news now that he’s in the public domain.

Paddington: The Musical is currently in the works in the U.K., where all musicals are born. The musical is aiming for a 2025 premiere and is produced by Studiocanal, who insists that this will be the best musical of your life.

“We could not be more delighted to see our beloved Paddington take to the stage shepherded by a talented and visionary team in Sonia and Eliza,” Studiocanal CEO Anna Marsh said (via People). “They have opened their hearts to show a deep understanding and passion for Paddington that will no doubt transpire on stage and ensure that his adventures, created by Michael Bond over 60 years ago, continue to charm audiences in such a new and innovative way.” Innovation is key, so what would make a Paddington musical good? Here are some free ideas:

1) A funky montage of Paddington trying on new hats.

2) A sing-a-long song (a la “Whistle While You Work“) where Paddington makes an assortment of marmalade sandwiches with a bunch of his bear friends (an ensemble cast is required for this one).

3) Hugh Grant (in any capacity).

Honestly, the hardest part about putting on a live-action Paddington musical production will be making sure the bear looks realistic enough on stage. They might even have to hire whoever played Cocaine Bear.

(Via People)