Parkey Posey Has Some Pretty Good Ideas About Weddings

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Parker Posey has a role in Woody Allen’s latest movie, Irrational Man, which is terrific news because it gave the New York Times a decent excuse to write this profile of her. My oh my, what a delight. In addition to a history of her career, we get quotes about her dog’s opinion on summer (“When it gets to be summer, she knows it’s ice cream time”), quotes from friends about how fun she is at parties (“She’ll go to a party and she’ll scream at people to start dancing”), and this paragraph, which I present with no further introduction.

She is thinking of turning her country house in Ghent, N.Y., which she bought from Tatum O’Neal, into a setting for high-concept weddings. “You get a photographer to jump out of a plane with the bride and groom and take pictures as they jump,” she said. “You could have, like, paint-gun staging with the father of the bride and the groom. And some kind of pagan ritual with the bride and the mother-in-law that I don’t quite know, but I know it’s going to be witchy. There will be spells and no underwear.”

Yes, fine, these are good wedding ideas, Parker Posey. But — and just hear me out here — what if we tweak them a bit, and roll them all together? So like maybe the witch is flying the plane that the bride and groom jump out of, and their respective in-laws try to blast them with paintballs as they parachute to the ceremony. (No one is wearing underwear, obviously.) And once they hit the ground…

Every young girl’s dream.

(Via New York Times)