Paul Rudd Had A Total Fan Girl Moment On The Set Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

04.30.16 3 years ago

Is there a more relatable movie star than Paul Rudd? Other than the fact that he seems to never age, this is a guy who always comes across as someone you may have hung out with at a bar one time, or seen working in his yard or walking the dog or picking up a few things at Target or something like that. He’s as close to transcending the old “celebrities are just like you and me” joke as anyone.

This is why his tales of awestruck, fanning out now that as Ant-Man, he’s a member of the Marvel universe, never miss the mark. Rudd, who will appear in a movie you may or may not have heard of called Captain America: Civil War starting Friday, went on England’s The Graham Norton Show Friday and rehashed a story of having a total fan moment on the set of the blockbuster.

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