Paul Rudd Offers Assistance From Katy Perry In The Trailer For ‘The Fundamentals Of Caring’

If you were worried Paul Rudd’s brief-but-big appearance in Captain America: Civil War had signaled the actor’s total absorption by Marvel Studios, never fear! His next project, The Fundamentals of Caring, premieres June 24 exclusively on Netflix. Directed by former Late Show with David Letterman producer Rob Burnett, Uproxx’s Mike Ryan spoke with him and Rudd about the independent film at its Sundance premiere in January. (They also talked about Letterman, Marvel and Kansas City sports teams.) The first trailer for the movie just dropped, and if it’s any indication, fans of Rudd’s non-superhero work, blow-job jokes featuring Katy Perry’s song “Firework,” and indies soundtracks rife with uplifting pop songs are in for a treat.

Rudd plays Ben, a retired writer who opts for a job in the home-care industry following a personal tragedy. That’s how he meets his first client, Trevor (Craig Roberts), an 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy with a penchant for cursing and watching terrible television. The two bond over quips like the aforementioned Perry joke, as well as their mutual physical and emotional paralyses — all of which leads to an impromptu road trip across America to see a bunch of tourist traps. Along the way, they run across the hitchhiking Dot (Selena Gomez), Trevor’s biological father and a host of other characters and adventures.

(Via Netflix)