Famed Director Paul Shrader Really, Really, Really Loved ‘Oppenheimer’: ‘This One Blows The Door Off The Hinges’

A writer/director known for making important movies has called Oppenheimer the “best, most important film of this century.” Paul Shrader, the maker of several of your favorite films, praised Christopher Nolan‘s latest in the highest possible terms. Although, it’s a little early in the century to call it.

Then again, who knows if movies will even exist in 67 years.

“If you see one film in cinemas this year it should be Oppenheimer,” Schrader said in a Facebook post. “I’m not a Nolan groupie but this one blows the door off the hinges.”

It’s a massive feather in Nolan and company’s cap, but it’s also little surprise that the writer/director who almost solely creates films about men struggling through existential crisis with a side order of violence enjoyed Oppenheimer.

Tons of critics and filmmakers have raved about the film and its performances (particularly Cillian Murphy in the main role), and it’s a good thing, because this is the only kind of publicity they can really rack up with the WGA and SAG strikes keeping famous faces from promoting their work.

Still, Shrader’s gonna have egg on his face when he finally sees Barbie and has to retract this statement.

(via Variety)