‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Has Figured Out Who Will Replace Elizabeth Banks In The Director’s Chair

Well-liked multihyphenate Elizabeth Banks is someone who has been quite busy. This is because 1) she’s very good at things and 2) people like it when she does said things. Unfortunately for Banks and her fans, being so heavily in-demand (both in an entertainment and parental capacity) led to the actress/producer/director having to relinquish her second go-around as director for the Pitch Perfect franchise. The upside? A new director has been found. That’s excellent news because movies tend to work well when there’s a director.

Variety reports that Step Up: All In helmer Trish Sie has been tapped as the director of the latest Bellas saga. Not only that, but there’s a picture of Sie and Banks looking very cheery about the announcement. Tasteful hashtags ahoy!

In addition to tackling the most recent installment in the Step Up series (so many things being stepped up to!), Sie has knocked out some pretty impressive visuals in collaboration with OK Go on an impressive set of mega-viewed videos like “Here It Goes Again,” “White Knuckles” and “Upside Down & Inside Out.” She’s also frontman Damian Kulash’s sister, which probably makes it easier for the band to ring her up to work on a project.

According to Variety, the first draft for the third Pitch Perfect offering was originally penned by Mike White, but Kay Cannon (who wrote the first two films) has taken over the job. Stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow will all be returning, as will Banks on the acting/producing side of things.

Pitch Perfect 3 is currently slated to arrive in theaters (possibly one near you!) on December 22, 2017,

(Via Variety)