Why ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Is A Risky (But Still Good) Move For Pixar

10.09.15 4 years ago

Disney Pixar has invested a lot of time and effort into The Good Dinosaur, as in six years a lot. The film is lucky to even have made it through production and onto the screen. With directorial and cast changes, to complete stand-stills, this movie could be seen as a high-risk factor for John Lasseter and other studio executives. But they stuck it out, brought in a new director, made some casting adjustments and altered the story quite a bit.

The big “if,” though, is can this young, creative team pull it off? The film’s new director, Peter Sohn, is a voice actor who has done some good work with Pixar, including a lot in the art and design department, but this will be his first feature. Yes, he might be familiar with the process, but it’s a whole new bag of chips when it comes to helming a project of this size (and one that’s been tainted this much). Also, somewhat new screenwriter Meg LeFauve has penned the script that has had to go through so many changes since day one, but her writing will help see this project through, as she scribed the awesome Inside Out. With all of this said, one would think this movie will be shaky and simply something for the studio to spit out while other, larger projects get attention. But no, this isn’t the case. Pixar may still be nervous about greenlighting certain films (cough, cough Cars 2), but after viewing this second, and solid, trailer, The Good Dinosaur looks to have an engaging story of family and friendship that will include a talented cast at their best. And hey, Sam Elliott as a T-Rex named Butch? Yes, please!

The Good Dinosaur has gone through hell to get to the screen, but, according to former cast member John Lithgow and IMDb, that might have been its chosen path all along:

“[The film’s] gonna be better than I ever imagined.”

Good to hear, John. Let’s get this dino flick going.

(Via Disney Pixar and YouTube)

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