Quentin Tarantino Feels Pretty Laid Back About When His Son Will Be Able To Watch His Movies

There’s a fine line between being a cool dad and dishing out nightmare fuel to your children, and — much like his art as a whole — Quentin Tarantino teeters on the edge. In a recent interview with Deadline, Tarantino shared when he thinks his now infant son, Leo, will be ready to watch some of his cult classic films and uh… it’s pretty young. According to Tarantino, and if Leo takes after his old man, he anticipates he’ll be ready to watch Kill Bill by no later than 7 years old:

“If we’re judging by me, I saw a lot of stuff early on when it came out, you know, so I would imagine [early]. If I had to imagine, he would probably, as a little boy, be most attracted to Kill Bill anywhere between 5, 6 or 7.”

If that age feels a bit a bit inappropriate to you, rest assured the director has confirmed he leaves Kill Bill‘s infamous “Pussy Wagon” behind on family outings (yes, that’s in the interview) — primarily because each time he takes it out, the situation becomes an impromptu press tour that he’s not ready to subject his son to. However, jumping back to that whole age thing, it’s worth nothing that according to Tarantino — and as detailed in his upcoming book, Cinema Speculation — around that age is when he began watching more mature films, such as 1967’s Point Blank. And hey, seeing as how his early interest in cinema and violence worked out pretty damn well for him, who are we to judge?

In addition to sharing his thoughts on when his son will be ready to watch Lucy Liu’s character be decapitated, Tarantino also discussed writing novels, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, revisiting Reservoir Dogs, and cleared up some retirement rumors that have been circling around in his exclusive interview with Deadline.

(Via Deadline)