Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Rampage’ Will Be A ‘San Andreas’ Reunion

When we first heard Dwayne Johnson was starring in an adaptation of Rampage — you know, the video game where you run around as a giant wolf destroying tanks — we figured it was one of those Hollywood projects that appear in a flash of hype and fade just as quickly. But Johnson’s production posse is apparently getting on-board.

Brad Peyton, director of The Rock vs. Earthquakes, er, San Andreas, is currently in talks to direct Rampage. The script, by Ryan Engle, is currently being kept hush-hush for some reason, but we’re going to assume it involves The Rock fighting Kaiju, probably with a helicopter. It’s not like we’re going to show up and find that it’s actually a sensitive drama about Kaiju struggling with tail cancer.

That said, if you’re going to make a Kaiju movie that isn’t Pacific Rim, you probably want this team behind it. This is the same crew that took a sequel Brendan Frasier wouldn’t take the check to show up in and turned it into something at least somewhat watchable, a minor miracle in of itself. And, really, “The Rock beats up giant monsters” is a concept that sells itself. We’re just saying he could sell that tail cancer drama. He’s got the range.

(Via Deadline)