‘Retribution’ Trailer Recap: Liam Neeson Can’t Stop Driving Or His Children Will Explode

Director Nimrod Antal was clearly given the directive to make the Liam Neesoniest Liam Neeson movie possible, and it looks like he pulled it off. Neeson’s newest skill in the set is driving his car indefinitely to avoid a madman blowing him and his children up.

It’s like The Commuter decided public transportation was too dangerous and only landed in hotter water.

A remake of the Spanish film El Desconocido, the plot is as high concept as it gets. Bad guy with a voice modulator on the phone, pressure sensors on the seats, and the need to do whatever the bad guy says to avoid going kaboom. Theoretically, there will be even more sadistic tasks for Neeson’s banker character to perform at the behest of the kidnapper/bomber beyond killing his best friend and trying to kill the planet one mile at a time. Will the bad guy let Neeson refuel? Is it an electric? Will Neeson shout “I’ve got a Hybrid!” when he finally takes down the villain? This trailer thankfully raises more questions than it has answers.

Besides Neeson, the film also stars Jack Champion, Lilly Aspell, Embeth Davidtz, Noma Dumezweni, and Matthew Modine.

Retribution hits theaters on August 25th.