Ripley And Hicks May Not Be The Heroes Of Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ Movie

One of the more surprising moments on the internet recently has been Neill Blomkamp sighing loudly that he’d love to direct an Alien movie and Fox granting his wish. Needless to say, as he’s got a movie to promote that happens to have Sigourney Weaver in it, he’s been asked a lot of questions and offering some curious answers.

Digital Spy has what amounts to a supercut of their questions for Weaver and Blomkamp. It has a few interesting tidbits, although mostly it confirms what we’ve heard before; apparently, it was Christmas in February for Fox once they saw those Instagram photos and contacted Blomkamp. But the most interesting part comes in the last 10 seconds, when he’s asked if there have been any changes since a studio got involved, and if Ripley and Hicks are in the movie.

Blomkamp’s response? “Hopefully we see them.” Which is interesting, as it implies that while Ripley and Hicks will be in the movie, they won’t be the main characters. We’ll be curious to see what comes along on this, especially as the movie starts gearing up.