Rob Zombie’s Latest Bloody Horror Flick Might Have Been Inspired By X-Men Comics

I have mixed feelings about Rob Zombie’s oeuvre as a director – his Halloween movies were terrible, but his original stuff has a certain deranged spark. Well thankfully, Mr. Zombie’s latest project, entitled 31, sounds like it’s going to have more in common with The Devil’s Rejects than Halloween II.

The story of 31 involves a group of carnival workers getting drugged and abducted the day before Halloween. When they awake they find they’re in a twisted compound called Murder World, where they have to play a life and death game called 31. This game involves being hunted by murderous clowns, because Rob Zombie.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait just a minute…Murder World? Longtime readers of X-Men comics will likely be familiar with Arcade, a villain with a habit of kidnapping X-Men and X-Ladies and confining them to a death trap-packed carnival called Murder World.

I miss when comic book villains could straight up sport giant bow-ties and straw hats. 

Rob Zombie is an avowed comic book fan, so him being inspired by a somewhat obscure X-Men villain certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility. And hey, I seriously doubt Fox is going to be making a movie about the X-Men trying to escape an evil carnival any time soon, so Rob may as well make his own slightly more gore-drenched take on the idea. Personally though, I’m still holding out hope for Dragula The Movie.

Via Cinema Blend