Ryan Reynolds Teases Everyone With His Mask For ‘Deadpool’

The stench of Green Lantern seems to be long gone, as people are legitimately excited again about Ryan Reynolds starring in his own superhero film. It probably has more to do with the fact that a Deadpool film is actually happening, when it seemed like such a hopeless dream, but Reynolds has also helped the cause by speaking about it with such enthusiasm and positivity. And as filming is set to begin in Vancouver in March, the time has come for Reynolds and hopefully director Tim Miller to begin teasing us with cryptic tweets and photos from the set, because we kind of deserve it for this movie. At least those of us who still can’t believe Will.I.am was in an X-Men film.

But Reynolds came through this morning with a fantastic first Deadpool teaser, as he shared an image of the mask that he might be wearing. Maybe it’s just the first model, and we shouldn’t get excited about it, but as long as it’s not actually ballerina pink, I’d say so far so good.