The Creator Of ‘Mr. Robot’ Is Making A Movie That Will Probably Be All Intense And Weird

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One of the nice things about creating a television series that ends up becoming a critically-beloved groundbreaking summer phenomenon — like, say, USA’s Mr. Robot — is that it means you can start getting phone calls returned about other projects you’ve had sitting in a drawer for years. Which brings us to this: Sam Esmail, creator of the aforementioned Mr. Robot, just sold his 2008 script for Sequels, Remakes and Adaptations to STX Films.

The script, an entry on 2008’s Black List — Hollywood’s annual list of best unproduced screenplays — alongside Django Unchained, comes with this description: “A young man is told by an angel that all humans on earth are given 500,000 chances to live a complete and fulfilled life, but finds out that he’s already used up all but his last chance to finally get it right.”

Now, the thing about that description is that it can go a lot of different ways. It could describe a 2004 rom-com starring Kate Hudson and Adam Brody. It could describe an action movie in which a dweeb steps up to save the world. It could be a high school movie about an unpopular kid deciding to rebel against his uptight parents and move to Hawaii. It could be anything. But knowing what we know about Sam Esmail from his work on Mr. Robot, it’s probably safe to say it won’t be any of those things I just listed. And it’ll probably be weird as hell. In a good way.

(via Deadline)