Samuel L. Jackson Revealed To Howard Stern The Curse Word That Controls His Stutter

Samuel L. Jackson
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Cussing is usually good for a few things: pissing other people off, or opening the valve on your own anger. But, that’s not the only thing that cursing up a proverbial storm is apparently good for. Revered actor and professional cusser, Samuel L. Jackson, appeared on The Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning, and revealed that one of his most famous curse components is responsible for curing him of his stutter. That word? Motherf*cker, of course.

“I have no idea [how] but it just does. It clicks a switch that stops the d-d-d b-b-b, because me I stuttered really, really, really badly for a long time.”

It wasn’t just the cursing that helped Jackson quell the stutter he had since a youth. He also hit the books.

“I read a lot. I read things about breathing exercises, I actually went to the library to combat stuttering.”

Jackson also reveled that he was bullied a lot in his younger days because of the debilitating vocal tic, and that he had to fight his way out of a lot of situations. In case you forget just how awesome it is to hear Jackson repeat his infamous catchphrase, here’s a refresher:

(via The Howard Stern Show)